Cherry jam: benefits and harms

Cherry jam or jam is one of the most popular and favorite canning products among Ukrainians. Therefore, you need to know what are the useful and harmful properties of such a product. At once it is necessary to notice that Boil from cherries is considered as the most low-calorie. Useful properties ..
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Sweet season: how to cook strawberry jam in Berestechko

In Volyn, the strawberry picking season is in full swing. The Berestechkivsky fruit cannery is not idle either. This year it was decided to launch a new type of product under the brand "ZaXaR" - a thick strawberry jam in a 400-gram jar. Thus, the plant's management purchased a batch of fresh ..
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Chubby French croissants with filling "Rafaello" and "Chocolate hazelnut "

Croissants are probably the most famous French pastries.There is hardly a person who does not know what it is. Everyone tried properly cooked croissants and forever remembered this ruddy, crispy, crust and it`s incredible combination with the most delicate filling - chocolate, cheese, cream, ..
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Jams and marmalades  from Berestechko are enjoyed in the Baltics

The plant renewed from the ruins in the Gorokhov district has been confidently hold for 20 years even during the "storms" in the Ukrainian economy. Today, the company's crafts produce 25 types of products that are in demand in many regions of Ukraine. And not only. One month ago Latvians ..
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