Cherry jam: benefits and harms


Cherry jam or jam is one of the most popular and favorite canning products among Ukrainians. Therefore, you need to know what are the useful and harmful properties of such a product. At once it is necessary to notice that Boil from cherries is considered as the most low-calorie.

Useful properties of cherry jam

Cherry berries saturate the blood with iron, copper and cobalt. Substances contained in cherries help lower blood sugar. Ripe berries are a good source of vitamin B9, folic acid, necessary for the immune and circulatory systems.

Cherries are also enriched with vitamins C and PP, and A, and B1, and B2. It contains potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium.

Scientists have repeatedly argued that cherries are good for muscles, skin and blood vessels.

Спіла та соковита вишня
Спіла та соковита вишня

Cherry jam contains iron, which is a building material for red blood cells. This product is recommended for low hemoglobin to prevent anemia and anemia.

Anthocyanins, which make the color of cherries red, are antioxidants. They remove bad cholesterol, alleviate the condition of gout or arthritis, reduce the likelihood of developing these diseases. Cherry jam will be especially useful in the winter, because it contains vitamin C. This vitamin activates the protective functions of the immune system, and resists viral attacks.

Too bad from cherry jam

Jam with stones, which has been stored for more than a year, begins to produce hydrocyanic acid. Such a substance can poison the human body, impair the functioning of internal organs and can cause serious disorders.

Джем з вишні
Джем з вишні

It is contraindicated to use cherry jam for children under one year, as cherries are a powerful allergen. 50% of the jam consists of sugar, so this product provokes tooth decay. Cherry jam should not be eaten by people with diabetes. The use of cherries can be harmful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in gastric ulcer, high acidity and lung disease. Do not get carried away with this product for obesity and people who aim to lose weight. Per 100 grams of jam contains 300 kcal.

Therefore, we recommend everyone to buy cherry jam from TM "ZaXaR", because it is made from whole cherries without seeds in compliance with all DSTU standards. Cherry jam contains only cherries and sugar, which ensure maximum preservation of vitamins and nutrients without the addition of preservatives and dyes.

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